All about energy conservation

Energy is precious, and it's important to try to save it anyway you can. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll likely save yourself a ton of money as well. Read on for some easy ways to conserve energy:

  • Replace lights and light fixtures with energy efficient models. These require less energy, generate less heat and also can last up to 10 times longer.
  • Combine your errands into one trip. If you have several errands to run through out the week, make sure to combine them all into a longer trip.
  • If possible, avoid driving during rush hour, which uses up a lot of fuel and also try to avoid roads that require you to be constantly stopping and going again. The best idea might be to join a car pool, especially to and from work (or take the bus or ride a bike).
  • Use your air conditioning unit only when necessary. Avoid letting your unit run all day, especially if you are at work. May sure to only turn it on when you are at home and able to use it.
  • But following the suggestions about water conservation, you can also contribute to energy conservation. Because public water systems use a lot of energy to filter, treat and deliver water to each household, but conserving water, you are also conserving energy.
  • When you leave a room, make sure to turn the light off and unplug everything that is not in use right now. Even though appliances are turned off, because they are still plugged into the outlet, some energy is still being used.
  • When buying appliances, make sure they are energy efficient models, such as those with the energy star label on them. Rather than using a dryer for laundry, opt to use a clothesline, weather permitting. When doing laundry, do it in cold water, rather than hot, to save on the energy is takes to heat the water.